Our history

Ande Consultants founded in 2010 by a mountain guide, certified by the international union of mountain guides (UIAGM/IFMGA/AGMP). Experience and professionalism for those who travel the world and want to do it in complete safety, from every point of view.

Ande Consultants opens the door to a world of adventure and new realities to experience and explore, where the discovery of evocative, mysterious, sometimes unexplored places is added to the vertical dimension. Competence and experience, planning and intuition, programming and creativity: these are the common denominators that characterize us.

Why us?

Since 2002, constant work of guide in the Andes of Peru. Since 2002 we have become UIAGM-IFMGA-IVBV Alpine Guides who hold the highest international standardization in this profession. All our guides are fluent in Spanish and English, some French, German and Italian. Personalized attention to clients’ needs.

Team who have traveled the world with experience driving in the Andes of Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Swiss-French and Italian Alps, Alaska, just to name a few.

Who we are?

We are professional specialists in adventure tourism, creating experiences and trips based on the dreams and desires of our visitors, respecting the highest standards of quality, social and environmental responsibility.


The effort is focused on providing professional assistance to all those who need a travel service all over the world, with quick, precise and efficient responses, trying to satisfy our customers with our service, advice, commitment, price, solution of any inconvenience (before, during or after each trip, thus exceeding the expectations of our customers.


Promote the sustainable growth of the organization, based on permanent innovation both in the provision of services, in the approach to customers, in the quality of the information provided, in the appropriate consultancy for every need.

Achieve a flexible organization to the changes that the market requires, anticipate trends to generate differentiated and varied proposals.


Satisfy and exceed the expectations and needs of our customers by offering a quality service that includes the added value of commitment, which is linked to our quality policy mission.

I commit

We are a company committed to the development and growth of our collaborators and the inhabitants in each region where the activity is carried out, ensuring the sustainability of our initiatives and the fulfillment of our commitments.


The company is based on honesty, mutual respect, teamwork, responsibility, professionalism, transparency in actions, commitment, growth, constant innovation and the importance of our customers for the vitality of the company.

Social and environmental responsibility

It is not just a commitment, it is the same responsibility that we feel as a company to be able to contribute to the needs of society and the communities in which the activity takes place, as well as to try to preserve and maintain the transit areas without contamination, taking into account that we must coexist with the fauna and flora in mutual respect. Therefore, it is essential to take extreme care of the soil, water, climate, air and landscape, so that this coexistence is not damaged. as well as the basic principles for leaving no trace in the places we visit, as we want future generations to be able to enjoy nature as we do today.

Our guide team

Our guides hold full certification with the Association of Mountain Guides of Peru (AGMP) – the highest level of guide training available in Peru; or are in the process of getting certified. Fully certified guides have reciprocity with the International Federation of Alpine Guides Associations (IFMGA), allowing them to work in South America, Europe, Asia and other member countries around the world.

All have been certified as Wilderness First Responders or equivalent. These mountain guides are highly experienced climbers and hikers and know the mountains, the climate and the environment better than anyone else. They also offer insights into local culture, language, customs and natural history. This knowledge makes traveling, climbing and trekking with international guides in their home countries a special experience.


Miguel Martinez Apolinario

Professional mountain guide, qualified and certified by the Association of Mountain Guides of Peru (AGMP) and by the International Federation of Mountain Guide Associations (UIAGM-IFMGA). He is currently an active member and instructor of the AGMP. With 20 years of experience as a professional and athlete, it allows him to promote and develop projects by organizing and leading adventure sports and outdoor expeditions (mountaineering, alpine skiing, trekking, mountain biking, via ferratas and tours) in Peru, South America, and Europe. He has also participated in several rescue operations in the Peruvian Andes. Currently, he has been proposed to climb the 7 highest peaks of each continent and become the first Peruvian to reach it.


Carlos Callupe Carrera

Carlos is the co-founder and director of ANDEAN EXPERIENCE GUIDES; He is an Official Mountain Guide fully qualified and certified by AGMP "Association of Alpine Guides of Peru", USAGM "South American Union of Mountain Guides Associations" and UIAGM - IFMGA "International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations". Carlos has a high level of qualification as a professional mountain guide. Maintains the mandatory UIAGM - IFMGA standard in safety and all aspects of mountaineering, skiing and customer care. Carlos was born near the majestic Huayhuash mountain range. He was surrounded by the tourist atmosphere at an early age, as his father was one of the pioneer hiking and mountain guides in the Huayhuash area. He became a professional mountain guide in 2006, and since that time he has been involved in several well known projects such as; "ULTIMATE EXPEDITION, a new original series of YouTube Red, MAMMUT 150 PEAK PROJECT World Wide, National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru - IRTP. TV Peru program called "REPORT TO PERU - CHALLENGE IN THE ANDES" in several programs, and further , was part of the project called "SOURCES OF THE AMAZON RIVER" - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. Carlos is currently a qualified instructor at the Peruvian Mountain Guides Association school and has extensive knowledge of both the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash. In addition, he guides throughout the South American Andes and offers unique customized adventure and cultural trips that include; PERU, ARGENTINA, BOLIVIA and ECUADOR. He is fluent in Spanish, English and Quechua.


Manuel Bernuy Ponte

Manuel is a mountain guide certified by IFMGA "International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations", AGMP "Peruvian Mountain Guides Association". His passion for climbing and trekking in the Cordillera Blanca and throughout South America has provided him with all the necessary experience to ensure an unforgettable and safe journey for our clients. Manuel has been driving in the Peruvian Andes since 2010. He says the Andes run in my blood: he grew up in the Cordillera Blanca and has loved the mountains since he was a child. He finds hiking and climbing in the Peruvian Andes challenging yet extremely rewarding. He has climbed and ridden extensively in the Cordillera Blanca and Huayhuash regions, and is trained in wilderness first aid.